Young Women’s Feminist Forum on Beijing +25

The Young Feminist Forum was a day two event held in Bangkok, Thailand from the 21-22 November, 2019, directly  preceding the B+25 CSO Forum (23 – 26 November, 2019)  and the Intergovernmental Forum on Beijing +25 (27 – 29 November, 2019).  Over the 2 days of   The Young Feminist Forum  consisting of 75 young women from the Asia and Pacific region worked for the two days in  working group conversations on the 12 Critical Areas of the Beijing Platform  as well as other issues facing young women in the region.

Major discussion points included trade and development justice, climate change and LGBTIQ+ issues, and it was interesting to see that there was a shared language for LGBTIQ+ identities and shared challenges across the Asia-Pacific. The outcome of the Young Feminist Forum was a statement which I’ve attached for this email in case you’re interested in what young women have identified as their shared issues through the region.

By the end of the two days – the Young Women’s Forum on Beijing + 25 presented their political Statement . To read the Political Statement click Asia Pacific Young Women Call for Action B25


Carole Shaw

23 November, 2019

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